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The Foundation

Italy USA Foundation was established to honour the friendship between Italians and Americans. The Foundation is an independent institution, that intends to play a bipartisan role on both sides of the Atlantic and whose sole purpose is to promote friendship between Italy and the United States of America.

Events and news

The Italy-USA Foundation and the 2020 presidential election

The Italy-USA Foundation will cover the 2020 presidential election campaign with exclusive analyses by Mauro della Porta Raffo, writer and journalist, honorary president of the Italy-USA Foundation, one of the most qualified international expert of American political history and presidential elections, author of He wrote the books "Obiettivo Casa Bianca. Come si elegge un presidente" (2002), "I signori della Casa Bianca" (2005), "Americana" (2011), "USA 1776/2016 - Dalla Dichiarazione di Indipendenza alla campagna elettorale del 2016" (2015).

The Italy-USA Foundation and the 2020 presidential election