America Award – XII Edition

Rome, Chamber of Deputies, Gruppi Parlamentari Hall, 7 October 2022.


The Italy-USA Foundation promoted at the Italian Parliament the new edition of the America Award; it is a prestigious recognition of great civil and institutional work. The award is mainly seen as a means to acknowledge and encourage initiatives and work aimed at favoring relationships between Europe and the United States of America. Clearly famous, eminent figures that have distinguished themselves in their work and have achieved the utmost excellence in their respective fields of interested and activities, and important results in favor of transatlantic friendship, will be considered. The 2022 ceremony was held in Rome at the Chamber of Deputies, on Thursday October 7, at 5 PM. A special award will be conferred in memory of Giovanni Falcone, judge. The Italy-USA Foundation, in the frame of the America Award, also conferred three medals of the Italian Parliament to three students of American universities: Mary Curran, Addison Hollomon, Alessia Luisa Vitiello. The anchorwoman was the journalist Didi Leoni.



Massimo Bottura, chef

Ilaria Capua, scientist

Luigi Contu, editor in chief Ansa

Veronica Etro, fashion designer

Umberto Guidoni, astronaut

Luca Maestri, senior vice president Apple Inc.

Alessandro Minuto Rizzo, former deputy secretary general of NATO

Francesca Nonino, influencer, social media manager Nonino

Nicola Piovani, composer, Oscar winner

Melissa Satta, anchorwoman

Jean-Claude Trichet, former president European Central Bank

Valentina Vezzali, undersecretary for Sport

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