Amanda Knox, coming soon a book by the President of the Italy-USA Foundation

The book “Take me with you – Talks with Amanda Knox in prison” by Rocco Girlanda, President of the Italy-USA Foundation, will be soon published in Italy by Edizioni Piemme. On December 13, 2009 a delegation of the Italy-USA Foundation visited Amanda Knox in prison where she granted the first and only interview in the course of her incarceration. Following worldwide echo of the albeit short interview Amanda Knox gave, the President of the Foundation continued to visit her in jail, following her case and keeping a diary of the meetings they had. During the meetings in prison, through the pain, Amanda dealt with a number of previously undisclosed sides of her life. “I describe in the book the deep differences between her distorted media image and her real traits” Girlanda said. The book is also the true story of a strong bond of friendship which developed a little at a time with an Italian lawmaker, member of Italian Parliament, who repeatedly visited her in jail. The English edition will be also available. The author’s proceeds will be entirely donated to the Italy-USA Foundation, as an initiative for promoting friendship between Italy and the United States of America.