Fondazione Italia USA

Fondazione Italia USA was established to honour the friendship between Italians and Americans. Italy and the United States have been exchanging culture, goods, and traditions for a long time, making it clear that neither one of the two countries would be what it is today without the contribution from the other.

Describing the relations between two countries is interesting, but hard at the same time: every nation changes, all people grow and evolve, and mutual relations are always a sign of the times. Today, given the excellent relationship that ties Italy to the United States of America, there is a growing need for an institution that can promote and enhance American culture in Italy.

This is why we created a Foundation that intends to play a non-partisan public role on both sides of the Atlantic. The US Embassy in Rome officially attended the establishment of the Foundation, represented by the Minister Counselor for Public Affairs.

To truly know the United States of America means appreciating its characteristics – characteristics that even today are not well known to the majority of Italians. This entails employing a critical spirit that looks at reality without bias. It is necessary to understand the United States of America for what it is, without political and ideological filters, and to improve its image in Italy.

The Foundation operates solely and exclusively with the support of its members because, by choice and to protect its total independence, it does not receive any form of contribution, subsidy or grant, not even in the form of professional assignments from any institution or public body, government or local, nor sponsorship, donations or publicity from companies. This guarantees the freedom and autonomy of the Foundation.