New York City Marathon 2014 with the Italy-USA Foundation

The Italy-USA Foundation together with Effetto Italy, a partner with the New York Marathon, offer its members and friends a unique opportunity to jump on board for this spectacular November 2, 2014 event. Two customized deals are now available to our supporters: “Independent Packages”, featuring basic services at a truly affordable price, and “Organized Packages”, a fully assisted combination of travel services. All packages may be scheduled to depart from major Italian airports, and they all include either 4 or 5 overnights in New York City, with a choice of extensions. Both alternatives provide an intense technical program in New York, including training under the expert guidance of Giacomo Leone (the last Italian winner of the New York Marathon), Roberto Tognalini (sport manager) and Luca Speciani (a renowned journalist and sports nutritionist). Now, don’t think you’re going into this blindly. To help you trace your steps, we will find historical and technical info of the New York City Marathon on the Effetto Italy website. Registration can be done on-line on Effetto Italy and a formal binding contract will follow within 24 hours. To insure the deal, make sure to specify that you’re applying for the “Italy-USA Foundation Programs”.