A digital collectible stamp for the 15th anniversary of the Italy-USA Foundation

On July 4, 2020, Independence Day and the fifteenth anniversary of the establishment of the Italy-USA Foundation, a special commemorative digital stamp issued in a limited edition of 3000 copies will be launched, face value 10 euros.
Even the digital stamp, just like the paper one, can be used to send, in this case E-cards. Each issue has a specific, certain and limited edition. Once purchased, the stamp can be resold, can increase in value over time and can be in a “mint” or “used” condition. Digital stamps can be inserted in special albums, to create a complete collection.
Each stamp is a single digital object, guaranteed to be unique and authentic thanks to blockchain technology: it can in fact be purchased, collected or resold exactly like a paper stamp.
The Italy-USA Foundation has chosen the issue through Bitstamps, the first App created to produce digital collectible stamps, an international leader in the sector.