A master degree on crisis areas, security and intelligence by SIOI, CESI and Italy-USA Foundation

SIOI, the Italian society for international organization, is a non-profit international organisation that operates under the supervision of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, with CESI chaired by Professor Andrea Margelletti and with the cooperation of the Italy-USA Foundation, are pleased to announce a Master’s Degree Course starting in March 2010 and on ‘Crisis Areas, Security and Intelligence’. Topics include the Balkans, the Caucasus and the ‘-stan countries’, as well as the political evolution of Islamic movements in the Middle East and their approach to local states, the situations which make up the fragmented Afghan-Pakistani landscape and the complex problems of Asia and of US administration policies. The aim of the Master’s degree course is to offer the main actors in international politics, such as diplomats, civil service high officials, foreign office and international organization officials and researchers a detailed knowledge of the government and non-governmental actors, the current protagonists in one or several geopolitical scenarios. In the photo, the Master Degree was presented to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Franco Frattini from the secretary general of Italy-USA Foundation, Corrado Maria Daclon.