Ceremony of the Italy-USA Foundation to certify the American Friendly Municipalities

A ceremony to certify “American Friendly Municipality” 50 Italian Mayors was held in Rome, Chamber of Deputies, Aula Gruppi Parlamentari, November 3, 2016, 15:00, promoted by the Italy-USA Foundation. The Foundation also certified some selected companies of the association Ecce Italia, connected with Club Borghi più Belli d’Italia. Among the participants Giuseppe Carbonara, director Centro Studi Comunicare l’Impresa, Pino Pisicchio, director institutional relations Italy-USA Foundation, Rocco Corsetti, president Ecce Italia, Fiorello Primi, president Club Borghi più Belli d’Italia, Virginie Vassart, journalist Rai. Chairman was the journalist Giampiero Gramaglia, director of communication Italy-USA Foundation.