The Italy USA Foundation has awarded Arrigo Musti

The Italy-USA Foundation, represented by the president sen. Lucio D’Ubaldo and the Vicepresident Hon. Gabriella Giammanco, as awarded at Italian Parliament Arrigo Musti, and conferred the Italy-USA special award to acknowledge and encourage his initiatives and work aimed at favouring relationships between Italy and the United States of America. Arrigo Musti was born in Palermo. He attended the Faculty of Law in Palermo, where he graduated with the highest honors and became a lawyer and later a teacher of law at senior schools. However, at the age of 28, he felt that his original passion had remained latent and was determined to study, self-taught, painting techniques and human anatomy. After a period devoted to study and analysis of painting techniques, the artist matured his own style that in “Rain” was to see rain worked out in its various forms – Acid Rain, Dirty Rain, radioactive Rain, etc – as the lowest common denominator of his initial production. The metaphor of the shore was conveyed by a thin throwing of colours on defined images of anonymous faces of young and old people without pupils, all with a mixed technique with oil on canvas. Mr. Serge Brammertz, a prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for ex-Yugoslavia, purchased on behalf of the United Nations two works by Arrigo to exhibit them permanently at the International Criminal Court (ICC). Two other large paintings in the series “oil and blood rain” were put up for auction by Hugh Edmeades, chairman of Christie’s in South Kensington, at a gallery in London. Arrigo’s works have been shown in solo and group exhibitions in Italy, France, Holland, England and the United States (at Wright State University, the Missing Peace Art Space and the Dayton Peace Museum).