The Italy-USA Foundation in the Openpolis report about think tanks and Draghi Government

The Italy-USA Foundation is one of the 14 organizations with member in the Draghi Government, according with the report by Openpolis. “Organizations like the Fondazione Leonardo, Fondazione Italia USA and Aspen Institute have a bipartisan composition. Among their members we find bipartisan politicians and also, differently from other organizations, academics, managers and entrepreneurs”. In fact, the Italy-USA Foundation, beyond the parliamentarians, has the largest number of journalists, ambassadors, exponents of culture, fashion, science, entertainment, and several Nobel laureates. Over 120 very high personalities. In a previous Openpolis research the Foundation was among “the largest and most interconnected structures: historically 5 organizations have represented the most connected. We speak specifically of Aspen Institute Italia, Astrid, Italy-USA Foundation, Italia Decide and Italianieuropei”, says the research that examined 153 think tanks in our country.